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[Updated 2/12/2018]

Certificates of Insurance (COI’s) are provided to affiliate organizations upon request to cover their players and officials during participation in MSYSA/US Youth Soccer sponsored events. In an effort to ensure that all MSYSA affiliate organizations (their players and officials) are covered, COI requests must be accompanied with enough detailed information to ensure that the intended use of the COI is in line with MSYSA/US Youth Soccer guidelines. 

Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA) affiliate organization representatives should send an e-mail to to request a certificate of insurance.

The following must be included with all certificates of insurance requests:

-Full field/building name
-Full street address
-Name/email for any person(s) receiving a copy of the requested certificate of insurance
-Any special clauses that must be included in the certificate of insurance

Please note that affiliate organizations must be in good standing and up to date with any/all MSYSA fees to receive a certificate of insurance. 

Please allow for up to five business days to process a certificate of insurance request.


Please click the following links for:

General Information

Accident Insurance Plan

Liability Insurance Plan

Click here to submit a claim After completing the form, please send to for verification.