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** Please check back later for updated information for 2018 Maryland President's Cup**

(last updated October 30th, 2017)



The Maryland Presidents Cup is designed for teams seeking additional challenges to play against teams with similar abilities for a National title. Presidents Cup Champions advance to the Regional Championships with Regional Champions advancing for a National title.

Teams must submit the following for consideration:

  1. Completed online application and/or Certificate of Intent (printed after online application is made)
  2. Five checks made payable to MSYSA
  • Application Fee: $550 (Unless payment was made online. Please note that this does not cover any game fees)
  • Per Game Fee: Three checks at $125

                i.      Per game checks will be cashed for the teams that will be advancing

                ii.     Teams that do not advance will have their un-cashed checks destroyed along with their bond checks

  • Bond Fee: $750

               Uncashed bond Checks will be destroyed:

                i.      Upon the completion of the Presidents Cup Series

                ii.     Upon team's compliance with all rules and policies of the Presidents Cup Series

     If the team desires to have their checks returned instead of being destroyed, please contact the Cup Director

  1. Approved League Roster
  2. Qualifying League Designation Form
  • For the 2017 Presidents Cup, each team must complete and submit a “Qualifying League Designation Form.”  The form allows the team to tell MSYSA which league and season during 2016-7 they will use (or have used) for their Cup-qualifying play.

    Please click here to download


Referee fees are not included in the game fee and must be paid in cash at the beginning of each match. Referee fees can be found in the President’s Cup Rules, Page 4. (click here for President’s Cup Rules)


To apply online please CLICK HERE


The 2016-2017 soccer year marked a return to using the calendar year for determination of player age. This change had the potential of disqualifying players born between 08/01/1999 and 12/31/1999 that would have been eligible for U17 play in the 2017 Presidents Cup. To avoid penalizing these players, the oldest eligible age group for youth play was changed to “U17/18.” Rosters in this age group may include players born on or after 08/01/1999. This applies only to Presidents Cup competition, not to league play and only applies to the current seasonal year.