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2018 Maryland Presidents Cup Champions


2018 MD Presidents Cup Logo


Congratulations to the 2018 Maryland Presidents Cup Champions!

The following teams represented Maryland at the 2018 Eastern Region Presidents Cup in Barboursville, WV from June 15-18, 2018


*Pictures will be added as they become available

12U Girls- SAC Premier White

12U Boys- SAC 2006 Boys Premier Blue

13U Girls- PLSC Black

13U Boys- TSC PSG

14U Girls- SAC Premier White 2004

14U Boys- ASA PGSA Real Barza 04

15U Girls- BRS United Black

15U Boys- SUSC 03 Gold

16U Girls- PLSC Black

16U Boys- BETH Green 02

17U Girls- Olny Freedom Orange

17U Boys- PLSC Red

18U Girls- SAC Premier White

18U Boys- SAC Premier White


The following teams will represent Maryland as wild card teams:

12U Boys- BCEL Celtic South 06

14U Girls- PLSC Black

14U Boys- PLSC Black

15U Boys- BAltimore Union Elite 03

16U Boys- PLSC 2002 Boys Black

18U Girls- SAC Premier Blue Girls

18U Boys- LFC 2000 Boys

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