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Travel Player Transfer or Release


MSYSA Process to Transfer or Release Travel players.

(1) The originating team fills out the top player info section AND the Release Request section of the Travel Player Status Form and sends to the parents of the transferring player via E-mail.

(2) The Parents of the transferring player fills out the boxed in middle section of the form (Player and parent Sign and date) and then sends it to the coach/manager of the new team which they are transferring to. In some situations, the player transfer/release request may come directly from the registration staff at the MSYSA office. 

(3) The new team coach/manager fills out the Transfer request information, signs and dates then sends to the MSYSA Registration Specialist at for the transfer of the player from the originating team to the new team to be executed.



  • MSYSA will process the transfer request in Stack Sports Club/League Connect ONLY AFTER receiving the Travel Player Status Form completed and signed by all parties.
  • The remaining steps of the process after receiving the Travel Player Status Form are handled ENTIRELY and EXCLUSIVELY by MSYSA
  • Originating team DOES NOT unassign the player from the team
  • New team DOES NOT re-register the already existing player in Stack Sports Club/League Connect.


In addition: When filling out the New Club & Team line of the Transfer Request section, please ensure team name matches the exact team name on their official MSYSA roster.




If you have any further questions, please call our Registration Specialist, Jessica Hafer at 410-768-5401