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Tournament Teams



A Tournament Team is registered and rostered by Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA) for the sole purpose of participation in a tournament.  The tournament in which the team will compete must meet the following requirements:

  1. It must be sanctioned by a U.S. Youth Soccer (USYS) State Association.
  2. The Permission to Host form, approved by the appropriate State Association, must indicate that Tournament Teams (USYS team type "S-4") are accepted.


Creation of a Tournament Team may be the answer for a team that needs to use more guest players than allowed by the tournament rules.  Or, a Tournament Team may allow a group of friends from several different teams to play together in a tournament.  Whatever the reason for creation of a Tournament Team, the two conditions above must be met.

As an alternative to creating a Tournament Team, teams not currently rostered for league play can create a standard league roster, selecting “MDPL” as the league.  This roster is valid for tournament play, and is useful for entering tournaments that do not allow Tournament Teams.  The requirement that the tournament is sanctioned by a USYS State Association must still be met.

Officials on the Tournament Team must meet the same requirements as officials on league teams: at least two team officials must appear on the roster, with one being the Coach.  All rostered officials must have a current, approved background check recorded in the MSYSA database, and the Coach must have at least a US Soccer “E” License or equivalent.  Please email with questions on coach licensing.

A player wishing to be part of an MSYSA Tournament Team must either be a Maryland resident or a non-resident that has been approved for play on a MSYSA travel team roster.  Maryland-resident players that are approved on MSYSA-rostered travel teams, on travel teams rostered under other State Associations, or as Non-Rostered Guests are eligible.  In addition, players from other State Associations that have been approved to play on an MSYSA-rostered team are eligible, but permission to play on the Tournament Team may be required from their “home” state association.

Players that are rostered to approved travel teams (MSYSA or other US Youth Soccer State Associations) must borrow the US Youth Soccer Member Pass from their team for use in the tournament.  All players will need a Medical Release form, and should check with the Tournament Team manager for details on this requirement.

Full instructions can be found by clicking here: COMING SOON- please contact for more information