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Player Registration


MSYSA recreational players are registered with MSYSA and US Youth Soccer differently than are carded travel players.  Recreational players are reported by their clubs following seasonal registration, which may be fall, spring or more.  However, each player is required to be registered just once annually, so a player may play multiple seasons within a soccer year, but will be registered just once.  Requirements, procedures and fees can be found HERE


Team Registration

Team Registration for 2017 - 2018 HAS ARRIVED.  The Team Registration process requires selection of your club from a drop down list. If your club is not listed, please contact club leadership.

The link for Team Registration is in the fifth paragraph below and has been updated for the 2017 - 2018 seasonal year.

NOTE: It is REQUIRED for all head coaches to have, at minimum, an E License (equivalent or higher). Visit this link to learn about the courses offered. Contact our Director of Coaching ( should your coach have any questions.


NOTE: As of January 1, 2010, all adult officials listed on a roster are required to have background checks. This is why all coaches, recreational officials included, are REQUIRED to register in the system. The background check is done separately through the club, but the results are recorded in our system by your club’s Risk Manager Contact. You will need to contact your club directly to find out what company they have chosen to go with to complete your background check.


The system will check for both requirements listed above. If any of the adult officials fail this requirement the system will not allow you to submit for approval to your Registrar.

NOTE: Teams will be unable to roster any adult who has not successfully completed the Adult Registration step. Adults need to be registered under the club (NOT the League) if they wish to be added to a roster. Check out our Adult Registrationpage for more information


After all your adults have become registered registrants the Primary Team Contact (PTC - whoever is responsible for making changes to the team’s roster in the online system) will go into the Team Registration step. This step registers the team in the Youth Leagues USA system and emails the PTC an ID/PW. Check out the PTC Registration Guide for additional assistance.


To sign into your Team’s Database visit this PTC Sign-In link. This link will allow the PTC to enter their players onto a roster and print the player passes, forms, and roster. *If using a Mac, please note that only Mozilla Firefox is compatible with the Youth leagues system.

Click here for digital photo guidelines.

After you have registered your team in the system you will be able to go into your team information and view the amount owed to your club; this money will need to be sent to your club.

Player Release


Click here for information on how to be released from a travel team.