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Registration Information

Team Registration for 2019 - 2020 IS NOW OPEN! 

Please click MSYSA LIVE here or in the menu above


Prior to team approval, all team officials must complete the mandatory concussion training course and  Core SafeSport sexual abuse prevention & awareness training (not linked) upload the certificate to their adult member profile in Stack Sports. 



Requirements for any player born outside of the United States  have changed. Club administration will need to contact for further instructions to determine if International Clearance is necessary for a player to be rostered from within your club.


When registering players, be sure to use the player's legal first name, not a nickname!


Before you start you should know...

Club Registration links are sent out to every club two months prior to the start of the new seasonal year.
Clubs must be registered in the MSYSA online system before teams are able to register.
If your club is not registered in the system, you will need to contact your club representative. 

MSYSA has a new registration system effective this 2019-2020 seasonal year. The system contractor (Stack Sports) has reached out to all of our affiliate clubs to begin the registration process. Once the club has been set up in the system, teams may begin to register/ Please reach out to your club to make sure you will have the ability to start coach/volunteer and player registration. 


In addition to travel team head coach minimum license requirements, ALL team officials will need approved RSI background checks processed directly by MSYSA, CDC Concussion Awareness Training certificates, and Core SafeSport Training (Sexual Abuse Prevention and Awareness). Adults missing these items will hold up team approval.



Registration Fees for 2019-2020

[Updated 8/30/18]


Maryland Club Travel Teams

Please note the following travel team fee schedule for the 2018-2019 seasonal year: 


Team Age Team Fee Roster Max Playing Format
09-10U $13.25 per player 12 7v7
11-12U $13.25 per player 16 9v9
13U $13.25 per player 22 11v11
14-19U $13.25 per player 22 11v11



Maryland Independent Travel Teams

For all MD Independent (MD IND) teams please note the travel team fee schedule for 2018-2019 seasonal year:

Team Age Team Fee Administrative Fee
09-19U $13.25 per player $150


Note: Roster Max sizes and playing format are the same as above club teams

Note: All MD Independent teams are required to call the state office prior to registering for details specific only to Independent teams.

MSYSA Independent team fees, including the administrative fee, are due prior to being able to have your roster approved by a registrar and should be sent directly to the MSYSA state office.


Travel Fee Due Dates

Quarter 1 Fees Due on

December 10

Quarter 2 Fees Due on        March 10

Quarter 3 Fees Due on

June 10*

Quarter 4 Fees Due on

August 31

Travel registration fees are due quarterly.  Fees for quarters 1-3 are considered late if not received online through US Connect or in the state on or before their due dates. Fees above include additional adds to a roster during a seasonal year.  There are no transfer fees or permission to travel fees.  Please note that  NCSL fees are paid directly to MSYSA.  League fees are paid separately to the league in which the team participates. The above fees represent a one-time, yearly team fee. Quarter fees owed are based on approved teams only. It is the responsibility of the club to monitor your financial statements in the online US Connect system. Should you have any questions, please contact the state office at 410-768-5401.


* MSYSA reserves the right to move the spring fees due date to ensure adequate time to prepare for the Annual General Membership Meeting (AGM) (e.g. calculating total votes). Any change in the spring fees due date will be clearly posted on the MSYSA website under “Registration”.



  • Travel team fees are due quarterly. 
  • Fall fees are due on December 10 and on March 10. 
  • Fall sit out fees are due by December 10. 
  • Fall fees are considered late if not received online through US Connect or in the state office on or before their due dates
  • Clubs that are not current on their second quarter Fall fees (due by March 10) will not be able to participate in Spring events to include but not limited to league participation and State/Presidents Cup registrations. 
  • Spring fees are due on June 10 with all seasonal fees being paid by Aug 31 of that year.
  • Clubs that are not current on their third quarter spring fees will not be able to roster teams for the following seasonal year until all fees have been received.   


Should you have any questions on the fee structure or payment dates, please feel free to contact the state office (410-768-5401)