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Travel teams affiliated with the MSYSA must have team registration and rostering documents (Player ID Cards, Team Rosters, Releases, etc.) processed by a Registrar that has been assigned to the team. The assigned, or designated, Registrar must be contacted for all subsequent registration actions and travel permissions.
There are more than 30 Registrars spread throughout Maryland; each is assigned to one or more leagues. Teams that need to locate a Registrar must contact one that is assigned to their league. If the team plays in more than one league, they must contact a Registrar assigned to their Primary League (the league identified on the team’s Official Roster).
To have a Registrar assigned to your team you should first check with your Club officials. There may be a Club Representative assigned to your league that can help. Some leagues require that registration paperwork only be submitted to a Registrar through the Club Representative. If this is your first experience in preparing travel team paperwork, your Club can also be a source of help in getting it done correctly.
If your Club cannot provide assistance, then contact the State Registrar by e-mail ( or telephone (301.248.5993) or the State Office (410.768.5401). Please specify your Club, League, and team name.
   Name    Email     Phone    City    Leagues    States
Mike Basileo 301-248-5993 Fort Washington BBSL, NCSL ALL
Karen Bellamy 410-340-6091 Clarksville BBSL, CMSSL  
Pam Burchette 410-379-2563 Hanover BBSL, CMSSL, NCSL  
James Buskell 443-350-5355 Elkton DELCO, MASL, PAGS DE, PA-E
Donna Crenshaw 410-549-2648 Sykesville BBSL, CMSSL  
Mike D’Italia 301-785-5954 North Potomac NCSL, OBSL, WAGS VA, DC
Stephanie Dorah 202-556-3328 Takoma Park BBSL, NCSL  
Jill Fowkes 301-824-3625 Smithsburg BBSL, WAGS, CCL WV, PA-E
Carmen Garzone 202-378-7606 Washington NCSL, WAGS, CCL VA, DC
Rhonda Giles 301-384-8319 Silver Spring OBSL  
Rhonda Goldberg 301-340-6882 Potomac NCSL, CCL  
Lona Greensfelder 410-861-5545 Westminster BBSL, NCSL  
Richard Harder 410-392-4459 Elkton DELCO, MASL, PAGS DE, PA-E
Alison Harman 443-235-9227 Ocean City MASL DE
Denise Hoffman-Cantrell 443-458-5008 Riva WAGS, BBSL  
Kathleen Huffman 301-596-2684 Columbia CMSSL, NCSL, WAGS  
Kim Humphrey 410-375-2756 Eldersburg BBSL, WAGS  
Clare Maher 410-893-8756 Forest Hill BBSL  
Dusty McLain 410-336-0162 Pasadena NCSL, BBSL  
Julie Nicholson 301-651-8435 Owings BBSL, CMSSL  
Julia O’Connor 410-747-6770 Catonsville BBSL  
Carolyn O’Malley 410-279-4156 Stevensville BBSL, DYSA  
Anne Powell 301-464-5668 Bowie WAGS, CCL  
Scott Robins 301-987-4487 Rockville BBSL, NCSL  
Dave Rolle 443-567-5607 Forest Hill BBSL  
Patricia Scardina

443-371-6930 Forest Hill BBSL  
Paul Scardina

443-371-6930 Forest Hill BBSL, PAGS, DELCO PA-E
Melanie Unger 301-643-1634 Hughesville BBSL, CMSSL  
Deborah Warsaw 301-229-3222 Bethesda OBSL