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Recreational Player Registration

Organizations affiliated with MSYSA who have non-travel players are required to register those players with MSYSA each year.

Registration windows have been established to ensure that players who have properly registered with an affiliated MSYSA organization are able to be covered by insurance regardless of if that player has been uploaded into the MSYSA database as of that time. The registration windows are as follows: August 1 -September 15 (fall) and March 1- April 15 (spring). Organizations  need to be able to provide proof that any player submitting for an insurance claim due to an injury during one of these windows was properly registered with the organization at the time of injury. All recreational player databases are due by the end of the registration window.

Recreational Player Benefits

Create a recreational player spreadsheet for your organization: Please following the below posted formatting requirements when creating your recreational player spreadsheet. It is recommended that you work with your database provider to ensure that the information being collected is in line with what information is required to be submitted to MSYSA/US Youth Soccer so that this process can be as easy as exporting the information from your database and then submitting via e-mail to

MSYSA Recreational Player Database Formatting Requirements 
Example Recreation Database Spreadsheet (Grey columns DO NOT need to be filled in)

Submit the recreational player spreadsheet for your organization in a timely manner: Please submit the required excel spreadsheet(s) containing the information for each of your recreational players in the format specified above as soon as you feel that the registration time-frame for each applicable season has ended. For example, for some affiliate organizations this will mean sending two or more spreadsheets each year while for others it may mean only submitting a single spreadsheet in late spring.

Submit payment: Payment in the amount of $7.75 will be due for each player listed on every recreational player spreadsheet received. As recreational players only need to be registered one time each year, it is recommended that you combine spreadsheets and remove any and all duplicates before sending.

Spreadsheets must be uploaded into the Stack Sports system in order for the players to be completely registered: Only once correctly formatted spreadsheets are received (along with any/all applicable payments) and uploaded into the Stack Sports database are the players listed on the spreadsheets completely registered with MSYSA and US Youth Soccer. Players that are not completely registered will not appear in the database and will therefore not be able to have their identity verified in the event of an insurance claim. If a player’s identity cannot be confirmed/verified in the Stack Sports database then any potential insurance claims by that player may not be honored.