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Filing Referee Game Incident Reports



If you are involved in an incident as a referee (i.e., Referee, AR or 4th Official) that involves referee assault, referee abuse or coach misconduct, you will need to fill out a Referee Report Form.

Additionally, a US Soccer Supplemental Referee Report needs to be completed.  This can be found by visiting the US Soccer Referee Resource page.


To file the report properly, referees shall transmit a written report of the alleged assault or abuse, or both, within forty-eight (48) hours of the incident (unless there is a valid reason for later reporting) to the MSYSA Adjudication Chair and the State Youth Administrator.  Contact information can be found below.

The report may also be used for other reportable incidents as an "Other" box has been provided.

Definitions of the terms can be found by clicking here or by visiting the US Soccer Referee Resource page.


MSYSA Adjudication Chair                                                     State Youth Referee Administrator

        Jim Rubin                                                                                 Jeff Gontarek