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MSYSA Recreational Committee



The MSYSA Board of Directors runs the recreational program through the MSYSA Vice-President for Grassroots Programs and Development. This includes chairing a large recreational committee made up of selected MSYSA board members and a majority of volunteers from large, medium and small clubs with grassroots programs.  The “Grassroots” committee identifies priorities for new programs, monitors existing efforts, develops new support materials and makes recommendations to the MSYSA board for approval. 

The committee meets periodically, as needed.  Because it is drawn from clubs in Western Maryland, Eastern Shore, St. Mary’s County and many locations in between, the committee meets mostly by webmeeting, to eliminate travel and expense.  The committee is a working committee, so active and regular participation is highly desired.  The Rec Committee seeks new and returning members after each MSYSA AGM, so involvement can be considered annual and renewable. Participants should be experienced and involved in grassroots soccer activities.

Help advance grassroots soccer in Maryland.  Interested parties may contact for information.