Grassroots Coaches


Maryland State Youth Soccer’s firm position is that grassroots coaching education is critical for improved success and enjoyment for players and for the personal benefit of coaches themselves.  MSYSA does not require specific coaching education at the grassroots level in order to coach, but we encourage all clubs to work towards coming as close as possible to 100 percent participation over time.  MSYSA also believes that coaching education must come in multiple forms so that the maximum participation can be reached with at least one format.  Licenses, diplomas, in-house training sessions, video’s, mentorship and any effective forms of learning for coaches should come into play – with formal training having low cost, wide availability, minimized time required and locally offered.

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MSYSA offers and supports the following education courses for Grassroots coaches:

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NSCAA Level 1 Online:  High quality online course provided in partnership with NSCAA that provides the fundamentals of soccer coaching at the new coach level.  This is the foundation for any following education of any type, and highly recommended for every coach, assistant and aspiring coach in Maryland.  The concluding module for this course is age specific for better focus.  This is the baseline for all grassroots coaches.

Free to MSYSA Registered coaches


MSYSA Foundation Coaching Course: The foundation course is an in-person field class designed entirely to assist the coach in understanding and planning practices.  This is the logical follow on to the online course, and the online course should be done in advance

Free to MSYSA registered coaches through affiliated clubs

Suggested Progressions

US Youth Soccer Principals of Play Online



NSCAA Level 2



NSCAA Small-Sided Games Online


Grassroots Advanced

NSCAA Player Development Online



NSCAA Goalkeeper 1


Transition to league play

US Soccer Online “F” Course:  The “F” course is the first of the USSF courses, and the first pre-requisite course for any license “E” and higher.  MSYSA recommends the course be taken prior to coach involvement in ANY non-recreational in-house league play and recommends it for 100% of coaches and assistants.  For those meeting travel requirements, the “F” course is required prior to taking the USSF “E”, without exception.

$25 via the USSF Digital Coaching Center