Out of State Player
It is policy by US Youth Soccer that players register to the state that they reside in. Because of that, this form is to be filled out by Maryland Residents playing across state lines. The US Youth Soccer Member Pass will be issued by the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association.

Instructions for Parent/Guardian of Player:

1.)     Print the Out of State Registration and Permission Form.  Complete and sign.

2.)     Print the Player Medical Release Form.   Complete and sign.  This needs to be given to the Team Manager.

·         Before signing this form, ask whether the team requires the form to be notarized. 

3.)    Pay online by credit card.

4.)    Print out copy of payment receipt for proof of payment to be given to the MSYSA registrar.

5.)    Email player photo to the MSYSA State office at registration@msysa.org.  For details on photo size, format and acceptable submission, please see the document “Digital Photo Guidelines” under the Registration link on the MSYSA webpage, www.msysa.org.   Please include the State Association under which the child will be playing and where you reside.  This will help us determine which Registrar should process your paperwork.

6.)    Player registration and permission to play on an out of state team must be approved by MSYSA and the other State Association.  The following documents are required:

·         The original completed and signed (by both player and parent) Out of State Registration and Permission Form plus 4 copies.

·         Paper copy of photo for verification

·         An acceptable, original proof of age.  For details on what is acceptable, please see the document “Player Age and How to Prove It.” Click on the Registration link on the MSYSA webpage, www.msysa.org.  Click on the Team Registration link.  

·         Copy of credit card payment receipt to the registrar.

7.)    MSYSA has made arrangements with several of the adjoining State Associations to simplify the approval process.

·         Certain MSYSA Associate State Registrars (ASRs) that are located near the other state are authorized to approve the registration and to provide MSYSA approval for the out of state play.  The other State Association would also need to provide approval.

·         For Maryland players joining teams that are under VA Youth Soccer, Eastern PA Youth Soccer, and WV Soccer, there are “dual registrars” for these states that can provide the approvals for both State Associations.

·         You may already know which Registrar to visit based on prior years experience; if not, request Registrar information when e-mailing the photo to the MSYSA Office.

8.)    Provide the signed (and if applicable, notarized) Medical Release Form to the Team Manager, along with the MSYSA-Approved Registration/Permission Form and US Soccer Member Pass.



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