Instructions and Procedures

The documents posted on this page provide instruction on registration and rostering procedures.  The topics will cover instructions for the on line registration system and procedures for player and team official registration and rostering.  Initially, the page will contain a series of brief, single-topic documents.  As the documents accumulate, it’s likely that some related individual documents will be collected into manuals.

Your comments and suggestions relating to the documents found on this page are welcomed, as are suggestions for topics not yet covered.  Please send these to 

Tournament Team Instructions  (Coming soon!)

Recreational Club Pass  (updated 04/13/2016)

Instructions for the creation of MSYSA-approved Club Passes for registered recreational players.  The Club Pass allows the recreational player to play as a guest in league games with one of the club's travel teams (if permitted by league rules).  Creation of the Club Pass is initiated at the club level by the Primary Registration Contact (“PRC”).

System Changes for 2015 - 2016  (Interim Version, 07/09/2015)

(New for 2015-16)  Several changes have been made to the MSYSA on line registration system to be effective with the 2015-16 seasonal year.  One of the changes allows Clubs to control database access of their Primary Team Contacts ("PTCs").  Each Club can choose whether to implement this control; to be effective, however, the choice must be made during the Annual Membership Application process.  This process is one of the first to be completed for the new seasonal year, so it is documented in this interim version of System Changes for 2015 - 2016.  This document will be updated to include description of the other system changes as system testing continues.

  Out of State Player Instructions  (updated 08/09/2015)

(New for 2015-16)  Maryland residents are able to join travel teams rostered under other US Youth Soccer state associations by registering as an Out of State Player (OOSP).  Registration for out of state play requires approval from both MSYSA and the state association under which the team is rostered.  The OOSP registration process is intended for use by the player's parents or by a team official.

  Non-Rostered Guest Player Instructions  (updated 07/25/2015)

(New for 2015-16)  Players not yet rostered to a travel team during the current seasonal year have the opportunity to register as a Non-Rostered Guest Player (NRGP).  Registration as an NRGP provides an MSYSA-approved US Youth Soccer Member Pass which allows playing as a guest in tournaments sanctioned by a US Youth Soccer state association. The NRGP registration process is intended for use by the player's parents or by a team official.

System Changes for 2014 - 2015  (07/07/2014)

(New for 2014-15)  The MSYSA on line registration system has been changed effective with the 2014-15 seasonal year to eliminate the transportation of team paperwork between the team and the assigned MSYSA registrar.  Documents that the registrar must review will be uploaded into the registration system; after review and approval, the team is able to print the approved MSYSA roster and USYS Member Passes  This description of changes should be useful to both team and club officials.

  Team Transfer Between Leagues  (01/30/2013)

A procedure for moving an approved team in the on line system from one league to another (within same club).  It is performed at club level by the Primary Registration Contact (“PRC”).


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