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ODP Inclement Weather Policy/Cancellations



Current Cancellations:
At this time ALL ODP events are on as scheduled. Please see below for additional information. 

8/18/19 4:15pm:

At this time ALL tryouts for 8/15 are on as scheduled. We will continue monitoring the pop-up thunderstorms and may make and on-field decision. Thank you!



ODP Cancellation Policy
We will post any program-wide closures here at least 2.5 hours ahead of training time (cancellations made after this time will be announced through Team Connect). Please contact your manager with any questions and stay safe: travel from other areas of the state may not experience the same weather as the training location. 



ODP Cancellation Refund Policy 
While we recognize that weather cancellations are an unfortunate side effect of outdoor activities and some cancellations will be deemed normal, we also recognize that an unreasonable number of cancellations should result in mitigating response from our organization. As such we have instituted the policies below effective 8/1/18:



State ODP

  • Qualifying number of training sessions missed:
    • If 4 or more training sessions are missed in the current SODP seasonal year due to inclement weather AND cancelled by MSYSA, this would result in your participant being eligible for a prorated credit 
  • All account credit requests must be made in writing by email to the ODP Program Director at
  • How Program credit will be issued:
    • For those who make the future State ODP pool, they will receive a program credit towards their State ODP fees
    • For those who do not make the State ODP Pool, they will receive a program credit to be used for any MSYSA programs (SSA, Winter training sessions, future ODP tryouts or program fees, etc.)