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[updated: 6/20/19]




MD State ODP Events:
Keystone Diamond Showcase



General Information:

Each year Maryland ODP teams participate in the Keystone Diamond Showcase on the second weekend in February (see the calendar on our website for up to date information). This event is hosted by Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association and draws ODP teams from multiple states across the Region. 

For MD ODP, the goal of this event is to help our ODP players come together in a competitive environment without pressure to win. This allows our staff to get to know the players better and helps us tailor the Spring training sessions to better meet the developmental needs of the players and age groups directly. 

All players within the ODP pool for each participating age group will travel to this event and play in each game (Participating age groups: Boys 13U-17U, Girls 13U-15U). Fees for event participation are included in the overall program cost (does not include travel).


Hotel links:

Due to the short travel time to the complex in DE and the events format (please see schedules below) we will not provide hotel links for this event. 


Team Rosters:

While all players in each pool will participate, age groups with multiple teams will be sorted by the staff into ranked rosters with consideration for positional needs. These rosters will be posted below in early February and are subject to change between events and training sessions.

13U Boys Rosters (not yet posted)
14U Boys Rosters (not yet posted)

13U Girls Rosters (not yet posted)
14U Girls Rosters (not yet posted)


Links to Schedules:

The schedules for each age group will be posted below once received from EPYSA. 

Schedule link will appear here 7-10 days before the event. Please note that 13U, 14U age groups should be prepared for two games in one day (Saturday Boys, Sunday Girls); 15U, 16U and 17U will have one game Saturday and one game Sunday. Please note an excused absence letter has been prepared for this event.