D course Part A


Part A

The “D” License consists of theoretical (classroom) and practical (field) instruction on teaching the four components of soccer -- technique, tactics, fitness and psychology -- as they relate to games between 1v1 and 11v11. The course also includes an extensive “methods” component, designed to improve the pedagogical skills of participating coaches and prepare candidates for the US Soccer national coaching schools.  


The “D” License includes a formal testing process to qualify coaches for the national coaching schools. Coaches are assessed on their ability to create and implement a written lesson plan and conduct a training session based on a specific soccer problem. The D license is based on coaching 11-a-side soccer.  The "E" License is a required prerequisite for the "D" License.


Step 1Individual Preparation: Candidate must prepare a lesson plan for each of the following topics and submit the plans to the instructor on the first day of the Group Instruction weekend (Part A):

  1. Goalkeeping - shot stopping and hand distribution
  2. Individual defending
  3. Receiving and turning
  4. Improve your team’s ability to build through the midfield.
  5. Improve your team’s ability to recover the ball in the defensive half of the field.

A standard template must be used for all of the lesson plans.  Please click here for the template.

Step 2Group Instruction (Part A) This step is the traditional first weekend of the two-weekend course. During this weekend candidates will work on field sessions and go through the course methodology. (Attendance and participation is mandatory for all sessions.) 

Below are pdf files each candidate needs to download and bring to the course:


The registration fee for Part A is $100 and $125* for non-MSYSA members. The registration fee for Part B is $100 and $125 for non-MSYSA members.

Before you move to the registration page for a "D" course, please make sure you have access to a credit card and your E license number in order to complete the registration process.  

Click here to register for Part A of the D course.

(Courses are posted as clubs elect to host them.)

Sample Schedule


Age requirements: 
Candidate must  be at least 18 years of age.

The minimum number of candidates for the course is 24. The maximum number of candidates is determined by the size of the facility and staffing. The course roster will be finalized two weeks before the course begins. Those wishing to attend the D License course must have successfully completed an E certificate or license. There is a six month waiting period after earning an E license before a candidate can enroll in a D course. There are no waivers for this course.


What to bring: Applicants should bring a size 5 soccer ball, water, training suit, sweat suit, or any form of action clothing, gym shoes, soccer cleats, and writing materials. Candidates are expected to participate in each session. There will be a one hour lunch break for coaches. Coaches may either bring their own lunch or go to lunch off site. 

Courses usually take place during the summer and winter months. Courses are listed as club’s elect to host a course. 

  "D" license candidates are encouraged to read the following supplementary materials 


 Refund Policy for MSYSA educational courses:

  • There are no refunds or course transfers once the course roster is set two weeks prior to the course.
  • Refund request prior to two weeks before the course begins will be granted only if a qualified replacement can be found for the course.


A minimum number of candidates (24) is required for each course by US Soccer.



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