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Frequently Asked Questions:

MSYSA Coaching License Requirement and Coaching Education Waivers


Coaching License Requirement


Do I need a license to coach travel soccer in Maryland?

Yes, the MSYSA Executive Board has adopted a license requirement policy for all Maryland travel team head coaches.  The MSYSA policy states that all head coaches of MSYSA rostered travel teams should meet the following minimum license or higher:

US Soccer Grassroots Pathway

  • Introduction to Grassroots Module
  • Two in-person Grassroots courses (one must be 11v11 and the other one can be 9v9, 7v7, or 4v4)
  • One online Grassroots course across any of the four levels (11v11, 9v9, 7v7, 4v4)


MSYSA will also accept the following equivalents to meet the minimum requirement:

  • USSF E + Introduction to Grassroots Module
  • USSF F + Introduction to Grassroots Module + 11v11 Grassroots in-person course + one other in-person Grassroots course
  • NSCAA Regional Diploma (Level V/VI)
  • United Soccer Coaches 11v11 Pre-National Diploma
  • International Licenses – Please see below  


MSYSA policy requires all rostered travel team head coaches to meet the US Soccer Grassroots Pathway or equivalent requirement.  Coaches can obtain a policy exemption to the license requirement for the current seasonal year by completing the MSYSA Travel Coach Temporary Policy Exemption Process (click here to complete); however, all head coaches must meet the minimum license or equivalent by the following seasonal year or deadline set by the MSYSA Director of Coaching.  Head coaches who fail to meet this minimum requirement in the time frame allotted will not be permitted to appear on a team’s roster.


Do assistant coaches for a travel team need a license?

No, only the head coach is required to have a license to coach a travel team.


Are foreign coaching licenses/certificates accepted to fulfill the requirement?

Yes, foreign coaching licenses and certificates are accepted; however, the license must be submitted to the MSYSA Director of Coaching ( for validation.  (Validation of foreign certificate/license does not award a state or national license.)  A certificate of attendance for a coaching course will not be accepted as a substitute for a coaching license.

Acceptable foreign coaching licenses or certificates: FA Level 1,2, & 3, UEFA Pro, A, & B

All other foreign licenses must be submitted to MSYSA for evaluation.



Coaching Education Waiver


Does Maryland offer Coaching Education Waivers?

As of January 1, 2012,  Maryland will NO longer offer waivers due to the fact that US Soccer has changed the E course from a certificate to a license.


If I played college soccer, do I qualify for a waiver?

No, playing college DOES NOT qualify a coach for a waiver.



Can I be waived into the "C" or "B" License with professional playing experience?

Applicants with three (3) years of coaching experience (any level) AND three (3) years playing experience with a Senior National Team or three (3) years of FIFA recognized "1st Division" professional playing experience may be waived into the National "C" License.  Applicants with five (5) years coaching experience (any level) AND five (5) years playing experience with a Senior National Team or five (5) years of FIFA recognized "1st Division" professional playing experience may be waived into the National "B" License.  Documentation of both professional playing experience and coaching experience is required.


What type of documentation do I need to apply for a coaching license waiver for the National "C" or "B" License?

If applying as a professional player, applicant must fill out the USSF Professional Player Waiver Application (.pdf) and submit proof of professional playing and coaching experience.  Please contact the U.S. Soccer Coaching Department at with any questions.