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There are many 3rd party resources available to coaches, especially on the internet.  But like the rest of the internet or any open system, the rule is, “let the buyer beware.”  The quality of some are poor.  Others disappear after short lifespans, or become stagnant.  Some, however, are very good and coaches can draw at least some information from them fairly easily.  Where fees are charged, some are quite reasonable for those grassroots coaches who are inclined to learn more on their own.

The listing below provides information in a transparent manner.  All aspects of the resource may or may not be endorsed by MSYSA, and the judgement is left to individual coaches.  However, MSYSA has found these sources to be good quality, reasonable value, professionally done and consistent.  We hope some of these may be beneficial for you.

U.S. Soccer


U.S. Soccer Learning Center


US Youth Soccer


United Soccer Coaches


World Class Coaching


The Coaching Manual


Online Soccer Academy


All Attack


Soccer U