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Coaching Courses

All MSYSA offered USSF coaching education courses utilize the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center (DCC). As such, candidates will register for USSF courses through the DCC, will complete coursework and will receive their certificates/licenses.


Please click here to register for available coaching education courses through the DCC.

You will be required to sign in and then select "Courses".



Effective Jan. 17, 2018, the U.S. Soccer F and E Coaching License courses will no longer be offered to new candidates as a part of the U.S. Soccer Coaching Pathway.

While candidates currently registered for the F or E course have the opportunity to complete the course process, earn the accompanying license and apply the license within the new pathway framework, new candidates will no longer be able to register for these courses. Instead, new Grassroots Course opportunities have been developed and added to the pathway, replacing the existing starting phase of the U.S. Soccer Coaching Pathway.

Coaches who currently hold the U.S. Soccer E License will be able to proceed directly to the U.S. Soccer D License course (no development period) after completing the cost-free Introduction to Grassroots Coaching module. Those who hold the F License will have the ability to move to the D License course after completing the Introduction to Grassroots Coaching module along with the 11v11 in-person course and one additional in-person grassroots course opportunity, either the 4v4, 7v7 or 9v9.