Club Contacts
Eddie Hagewisch
Phone (W): 301-538-7902
Email: a3.hegewisch@gmail.com
Sandi Ranck
Phone (W): 410-733-8135
Email: a3.ranck@gmail.com
Jason Parks
Phone (W): 410-562-5275
Email: jason.parks3@gmail.com
Eddie Hagewisch
Phone (W): 301-538-7902
Email: a3.member.feedback@gmail.com
 Director of Coaching
Jesper Gjerloev
Phone (H): 555-555-5555
Phone (W): 410-721-3511
Email: jesper.gjerloev@gmail.com
 Other Club Official
Jim Scamurra
Phone (W): 410-991-9483
Email: a3.scamurra@gmail.com

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