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MSYSA Future Excellence Awards


The MSYSA Futures Excellence award is given annual to clubs who demonstrate significant and outstanding effort in developing grassroots coaches, support of best practices, and/or run creative and innovative programs for their players.  Clubs self-nominate at the end of the seasonal year in June, and any number of clubs may be selected.

Clubs must meet or exceed the following requirements:

  • 90% of Rec/grassroots coaches registered with MSYSA
  • 60% of Rec/Grassroots coaches have diplomas or certificates from USSF, USYS or NSCAA
  • The club holds at least one in-house coaching education session per season (spring, fall)
  • The club is in good standing
  • The club has reported its recreational players for registration
  • The club does not maintain scores or standings for any recreational in-house games
  • The club has an active and visible coach and parent conduct policy


In addition, clubs can submit for consideration the following types of program elements:

  • The club ACTIVELY uses age group leaders or age specific directors of coaching
  • The club has an active mentorship program
  • The club uses an academy style training program
  • The club provides trainers or additional coach support materials
  • The club pays for and visibly promotes some form of coaching education program
  • Any other kind of creative program element that creates an excellent environment for players above the average.


Futures Excellence Award winners will be posted on the MSYSA website, announced on Twitter, and announced via press release to local media and all MSYSA members.  Additional benefits will be announced annually with the request for nominations.  Nominations and questions can be addressed to the Recreational Committee via

The nomination form and 2016 criteria will be released in summer 2016 and due in December based on Fall activities.