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International Clearance


**Please note: If a player moved into the United States PRIOR to their 10th birthday (regardless of their current age) they should complete the P10 Form**

Citizenship/Age 1st Registration with US Soccer 2nd Time (or more) Registering with US Soccer
US Citizen born/registered abroad 0-9 P-10 Form P-10 Form
Non-US Citizen 0-9 P-10 Form P-10 Form
US Citizen Born/Registered Abroad 10-17 FR-11 Form ITC Request & Minor's Process
Non-US Citizen 10-17 FR-11 & Minor's Process ITC Request & Minor's Process
US Citizen Born/Registered Abroad 18+ FR-11 Form ITC Request
Non-US Citizen 18+ FR-11 Form ITC Request

Please contact the state office if you have any questions (410-768-5401).