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Host a Course

Affiliate members who wish to serve as the host for an MSYSA Educational Course must do the following:

1. Select a site
2. The following items are required for the site location: 
- Outdoor field with goals. If possible an indoor playing area to be used in case of bad weather. 
- Classroom area with blackboard or white board, and a projection screen or area to project imagines.
3. Select a site coordinator from your club for the course. The site coordinators responsibilities are listed below.*
4. Choose two possible dates for the course you would like to host. List your preferred date first followed by your alternative date.


Send an e-mail to and be sure to indicate the type of course that you would like to host (e.g. Grassroots 4v4, 11v11 etc.) in addition to the desired course dates.


Facility Fee:
Some sites may require a facilities fee to use the location. The site coordinator will be responsible for collecting the facility fee from the candidates.
*Site Coordinator:
1. Site coordinator will be the contact person for the course.
2. The site coordinator will receive the course materials by mail the week of the course.
3. The site coordinator is responsible for opening and closing the facility for the course daily.
4. The site coordinator will take attendance for the course. MSYSA will provide the coordinator with an attendance sheet for the course. Only candidates who are on the attendance sheet should be accepted into the course.
5. The site coordinator may attend the course at no charge, but they will not count as a candidate to reach the minimum number of candidates to hold the course.
6. Players Participation – Age appropriate players are encouraged to be provided for each course: 
    GR 4v4 -  8 to 10 players – 6U - 8U age group 
    GR 7V7 - 14 to 16 players – 9U - 10U age group  
    GR 9V9 - 18 to 20 players – 11U - 12U age group 
    GR 11V11 - 22 to 24 players – 13U - 17U age group
Maryland Youth Soccer Association Responsibilities:
1. MSYSA State Director of Coaching and Player Development will assign the instructor(s).
2. MSYSA will post the course on the state’s website and promote the course. If the course enrollment is not met one week prior to start date of the course, the course will be canceled.
3. Certification and or licenses will be given only to those candidates who attend the entire course and successfully complete the course requirements. Licenses will be mailed to the candidates within three weeks after the course is finished.


Please send questions to