Mission Statement

The Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA) is the primary advocate for youth soccer in Maryland.  As a non-profit educational organization, MSYSA is dedicated to cultivating and inspiring players, coaches, and affiliates at all levels to maximize their potential and enjoyment in the sport of soccer. This is achieved through offering the highest quality soccer education, player development, and programs while fostering sportsmanship, fitness, diversity, teamwork, and passion for the game. 

Know Thyself v2

Board of Directors

Executive Board Name Phone E-mail
President Mark Cantor 202-439-1779 president@msysa.org
Executive VP Doug Schuessler   exvp@msysa.org
1st VP Howard Kohn 301-270-8187 fvp@msysa.org
2nd VP for Player Development Program Eric McAleer   pdpvp@msysa.org

3rd VP for Grassroots Soccer Programs and Development

Rob Biondolillo   recvp@msysa.org
Secretary Tom Gross   secretary@msysa.org
Treasurer Craig Blackburn   treasurer@msysa.org
State Registrar Mike Basileo 301-248-5993 registrar@msysa.org
Central-East Regional Commissioner Shaun Fleming   centraleastrc@msysa.org
Central-West Regional Commissioner Robert Purkey   centralwestrc@msysa.org
East Regional Commissioner Alex Hargrove   eastrc@msysa.org
North Regional Commissioner Jessica Hafer   northrc@msysa.org
South Regional Commissioner Rich Ruiz 240-925-8342 southrc@msysa.org
West Regional Commissioner Jackie Eskay 301-471-3078 westrc@msysa.org
At-Large Member (o) Brad Roos   statecup@msysa.org
At-Large Member (e) Trish Heffelfinger   thatlarge@msysa.org
At-Large Member (o) Laurie Lane   llatlarge@msysa.org
At-Large Member (e) Kerry Brimmer   kbatlarge@msysa.org
Board Appointees      
State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA) Jeff Gontarek   SYRA@msysa.org